Nuphar's Bonus Points CM

UKC Ch Hickory Tavern Finally Friday CM

SirDuke Biscay’s Royal Ruby x Ginkgo de Xelaju Amelia  

Bric is 22.5 in. tall, 55 lbs. OFA hips, eyes.

Brown, white chest. DOB 4/04/11

Bric is the reason we are involved in this breed. He came into our lives at a very sad time and made it better. He is wise, kind, friendly, and a really fun show dog. He plays well with dogs but prefers to be near his mommy. Real near. A boy of many tricks, he learns quickly and loves to make us laugh. Although he is perfectly healthy he sadly will not be part of our breeding program due to a genetic flaw in his pedigree. He will, however, be on the hugging and kissing team and always have our gratitude for

being the epitome of anam chara.​​

Anam Chara Pleasant Valley Sunday

CKC Ch, UKC Ch Hickory

Tavern Fools Rush In CM

CKC Ch, UKC GrCh Hickory Tavern Secret Liaison CM 

UKC Ch Hickory Tavern Finally Friday CM

Veda is our new hopeful. We're very proud of her beautiful type, substance, outstanding head, and heart-warming personality. Pictured at 13 weeks.

Black. DOB 11/05/17

CKC Ch, UKC Ch Hickory

Tavern Secret Garden CM

Outdoors Asterix x Intl Ch Nuphar’s Deep in a Dream

Jordy is 21.5 in. tall, 48 lbs. OFA eyes, elbows, 

hips, cardiac. CHIC. Black/white pied. DOB 1/09/16

Jordy is imported from the Netherlands with 

gratitude to his breeder, our friend, Anne Plomp.

Jordy is a lovable, playful and smart boy

His tail never stops wagging whether he is on 

the grooming table, out in public, or in 

the show ring. He had some exciting

wins from the puppy classes and

is the first ever Barbet to win Best in 

Miscellaneous class at an AKC show.​​

CKC Ch, UKC GrCh Hickory

Tavern Secret Liaison CM

UKC GrCh Ginkgo de Amelia Bric Anam Chara

Can Ch Northrock's Athos Pascal x

CKC Ch, UKC Ch Hickory Tavern Secret Garden CM  

Esther is still growing. Black. DOB 12/07/16

Esther is thrilling us with her prestigious wins in the show ring. At just a year and a week old she was Best of Breed at the AKC National Championship in Orlando, FL. Well on her way to her CM title, we look forward to an exciting future. Esther is owned by our friends Tom Mousin and Thomas Brown.

CKC GChEx, UKC Ch Flacon D'Paris of Neigenuveaux CGN x 

UKC Ch Nuphar's Gift-Wrapped

Ren is 22 in. tall, 36 lbs. OFA eyes, elbows,

hips, cardiac. CHIC. Chestnut brown. DOB 4/01/15

Ren is extremely outgoing and confident. She has a

knock-out side gait that makes her a fun dog to show. Slow to mature, she’s already made a big splash in the ring and we look forward to the future with high hopes. Smart and biddable, she spends most of her time wrestling with her brother or any other dog who will play. Ren is co-owned with our dear friends Michele DeTour and Mary McEneany of Nuview Briards.​​

Anam Chara Wind in the Willows

​​​​CKC Gr Ch, UKC Ch Neigenuveaux’s Gambit CD, RN x

CKC Ch, UKC Ch Hickory Tavern Intl Intrigue CM

Micah is 23.5 in. tall, 55 lbs. OFA eyes,

cardiac, elbows, hips, thyroid normal.

CHIC. Black, white chest. DOB 4/11/14

Micah is a teddy bear with a good sense

of humor with both people and dogs. He is

friendly, nosy, charming, and just a little stubborn.

We're very proud of his 3-in-a-row Best in Open show wins to complete his Certificate of Merit.

He is well on his way to his CM2. Micah is a proven sire and is ​​available at stud to approved bitches.

​​Quaciendas Thunus Georgi x

CKC Ch, UKC Ch Neigenuveaux’s Ermagarde  

Alainn is 22 in. tall, 45 lbs. OFA eyes, elbows, 

hips, cardiac. CHIC. Black. DOB 4/08/15

Alainn is also known as Bear. She is a goofy

tomboy who prefers to be wet and/or dirty.

The instigator of dog games, escape artist, and athlete, Alainn demonstrates an adorable, loving sense of humor and gentle kindness. She has recently earned her CM with a third Best in Open Show win and received multiple group placement awards at the prestigious UKC Premier show. 

​​CKC Gr Ch, UKC Ch Neigenuveaux’s Gambit CD, RN x

CKC Ch, UKC Ch Hickory Tavern Intl Intrigue CM  

Meg is 21.75 in. tall, 40 lbs. OFA eyes, elbows, hips, cardiac. CHIC. Brown. DOB 4/11/14

Meg is sweet and smart and has the drive of a hunter. She is a true athlete but loves to give and receive hugs and kisses with anyone she gets to know. She adores children and puppies. Meg is

an outstanding show dog, recently honored with 3 consecutive Best in Open Show awards to complete her CM in one weekend.