Lynn is a recently retired NICU Nurse Practitioner. Other than brushing Barbet, her life is full of wild bird feeding, caring for her greenhouse, amazing sewing and art quilting projects, home design and decor, and pretty much anything else Martha Stewart does—only better.

Leslie is a mostly retired designer/photographer. After brushing Barbet, she finds time to

garden, travel, volunteer for local non-profits, and teaches breed handling classes.

As an AKC breed mentor, she prepares and presents materials to help judges

become licensed to judge Barbet.. 

We spend an ungodly amount of time driving between Vermont and Wisconsin.

Although we both have had dogs all our lives, Leslie was bitten by the showing/breeding bug earlier, and has been involved with Sporting breeds, mainly Springers, for over 45 years. But it was Lynn who first discovered the Barbet and after two years of waiting she was finally able to bring one into her home. We were both smitten and now you see what happened.

​We are members of Barbet Club of America, United Barbet Club, and Club Barbet Canada.