Leslie Woodward

Guilford, VT   USA


​​​Thank you for your interest in this wonderful breed. We will be considering a few applications for our 2023 litters. Please read the following before contacting us:

Our breeding program is centered on the goal of producing a small number of high-quality show and performance dogs. In every litter there are a few puppies that go to wonderful companion families, but we encourage everyone to try a dog sport, train for a specific job for the dog—like therapy work, and to educate themselves about dog behavior and communication. Sensitive, smart, and social, Barbet bond with their humans through interaction.

We health- and DNA-test all dogs in the breeding program. Results are public and can be seen on DNA results are extensive and difficult to post, but are available upon request.

Our contract calls for an agreement to spay or neuter only after dogs are 18 months old. We do this in light of new research which links juvenile desexing to multiple diseases—including cancer. We agree to board bitches in season for families that feel they are unable to manage. Typically, bitches come in season the first time at 8–12 months and then every 6 months thereafter.

We do NOT ship puppies, consequently families are required to make arrangements to pick up in person. We try to make this as easy as possible.

This is the process we use to place our puppies:

We respond to every inquiry. If you don’t receive a response within a few weeks, somehow we missed you. Please understand we receive hundreds of messages. We attempt to group our interviews to within about six months of an expected litter so folks aren’t waiting forever. We do not keep a typical waiting list, so the timing of your application doesn’t affect your chance of being considered. We simply keep a list of the best possible family matches for our puppies. We’ll be honest if we think we’ll have a puppy for you or not.

We respond by email so we can keep a record of our exchanges. We’re not able to phone chat until later in the process.

Copy and paste the intro questions below, fill in your answers, and send as your contact message. Detailed answers are welcomed. Please be clear about your city and state.

We will respond with questions/comments. We’ll plan a visit if we feel we’re a good match. We

use FaceTime if travel is an issue but much prefer to meet in person so we can interact with the dogs together. Remember we’re making a long-term commitment to each other to care for a Barbet puppy. We take this very seriously.

After a visit we will discuss details of preparing for a puppy, finding your local resources, and specifics about training your Barbet. 

When we know we’re expecting a litter we’ll send a copy of our contract. We’re glad to discuss details and be sure we have a clear agreement. Paperwork is finalized at pick up. We do not take deposits.

When puppies arrive we keep everyone updated with photos. We use Puppy Culture protocols for early development of social skills and challenging activities. Families are welcome to visit after 3 weeks. At about 8 weeks we begin to talk about which puppy fits the lifestyle and desires of each family. Puppies go home at 10 weeks after a vet visit, first vaccination, microchip and AKC registration. The purchase price is $4500 due at pick up.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Anam Chara Puppy Questionnaire 

1. How did you learn about the Barbet and what makes you interested specifically in owning a Barbet

    versus another breed(s)? What other breed(s) have you considered? Have you met and put your hands

    on a Barbet, if so where and when? 
2. How did you come to contact Anam Chara Barbet, i.e., how did you hear about us? 

3.  Please tell us about who currently lives at your house, both human and animal. 

4. If you have had dogs in the past please tell us about them.

5. Please tell us about your community (include city and state). Do you live in an apartment, condo,      

    house, or on a farm? Do you have a securely fenced area?  

6. Is someone at home to care for a puppy, and later a dog, during the weekday; will someone come in, or

    will the dog go to work with you? How long will the dog be left alone each day? 

7. Do you have interest or experience in dog sports such as conformation, agility, obedience, dock diving,

     lure coursing, nose work, hunting, etc.?  

8. All puppies need training. Have you trained a puppy or dog in the
past? Are you familiar with positive

    reinforcement training techniques? 

9. Please explain your understanding of the grooming requirements for this breed. 

10. What is your timeline for adding a puppy to your family? 

11. What questions can we answer?